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Roofing Maintenance & Repairs, March 2019

Beat the Leak – Proactive Roof Maintenance Keeps You Covered

Dana Akasaki-Kenney, Corporate Marketing Director

Recent winds tore off part of a metal roof in Kakaako.

Did you know:

  1. Less than 1% of roof failure is due to defective roofing materials.
  2. 25% or more of roof leaks are caused by roofing membrane penetrations.
  3. More than 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to poor installation, severe weather and lack of maintenance.

These were just a few fun facts gathered by national roofing associations based upon actual trended and archived historical data.  That being said – consistent roof maintenance just makes sense to extend the life of your roof and keep leaks at bay.

As with any other building maintenance item, regularly scheduled maintenance & reporting keeps owners updated of the present status as well as future precautionary & planning items to consider.  Regular roof maintenance can help you prioritize and address minor issues before they become expensive repairs.

The roots beneath this rooftop forest can cause damage to the membrane and drainage system.


Here are a couple of tips to consider for your building(s) rooftop:


1) Avoid the Common Pitfalls – improper materials used, poor workmanship, and lack of preventative maintenance commonly lead to leaks and premature roof failures.

Lack of edge flashing where the wall meets the roof led to leaks inside.

2) A temporary emergency fix – is exactly that. Temporary, until the weather allows for a quality repair to take place.  It does not suffice for a quality repair.

3) Rooftop data is perishable. Every day buildings expand and contract with the heat and UV exposure impacting the roof system.  Debris and seeds can cause blockage and damage to the existing roof systems and the water exit points if left unaddressed.  Various contractors are also constantly accessing the rooftop platform, maintaining equipment, all which impact the roof deck.  Annual or semi-annual reports keep owners aware of current roof conditions

A roof drain growing wildlife won’t be too effective when needed.

4) Regular maintenance will help to ensure your roof and water exit points are cleared and ready to remove water off the roof deck to prevent water weight buildup.

Water on the roof with no exit point becomes a huge liability.

5) Unexpected changes in weather can aggravate poorly maintained roofs. Loose roofing material can become dangerous projectiles to a passerby.

Strong winds rolled back this metal roof like foil.

6) As of March 31, 2019, the Hawaii Energy Code is in effect across all counties. Be sure that you factor the additional costs into future re-roofing costs. If you need to buy some time to build up your reserves, put your roof on a maintenance plan.

7) Contractor Selection: Do your due diligence. Selecting a roofing contractor to install and maintain your roof is a top priority. We highly recommend that the contractor is professionally licensed in the State of Hawaii, to verify that the company is insured and bonded, check their financial status and reputation (check references), and whether they are certified by the manufacturer. The NRCA is another great resource for guidelines on selecting a roofing contractor.

If an emergency leak occurs, call your trusted contractor, and have temporary repairs made until the appropriate parties can inspect and perform permanent repairs.

  • Take photos of damaged areas prior to making temporary repairs
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage
  • Gather 2-3 quotes with detailed estimates for permanent repairs

Common, costly and preventable roof issues – these are the stories we see too often. The great news – is that they CAN be eliminated thru the implementation of a regular roof maintenance plan for your facility.

CRW is the second largest roofing contractor in Hawaii with 25 years of service in the industry and continues to integrate new technology to enhance and advance tested and proven industry best practices in order to continue on mission to “exceed client expectations.”

For more information about a proactive roof maintenance program for your building, please contact our CRWDIRECT Roof Maintenance & Repairs Division.

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