Alii Place
Aliʻi Place

Building Type

Commercial Highrise

Roofing System

Fluid Applied


Downtown Honolulu, Oahu

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii (CRW) completed the deck reroofing at Alii Place, a high profile 25-story LEED Silver office building in downtown Honolulu. The difficulty of getting materials on and off the roof (the 5 corner roof locations for this specific project) presented a unique challenge, as there was no roof access from within the building, thus a rappelling system was used to lower the men down to the corner roof access points that could only be reached from the exterior of the building.  The corner roofs were not only hard to access but they were visible to the surrounding buildings thus the solution of applying a roofing system that would basically self-clean itself was crucial.  The men on this project had extreme safety measures and systems in place due to the high liability of both height and downtown Honolulu locale.



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