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Brigham Young University (BYU) -
Cannon Activities Center (CAC)

Building Type

Educational Facilities, Sports Arena

Roofing System

Boral Clay Tiles


Laie, Oahu

This re-roofing project was by far the largest tile roof to date that CRW has in its portfolio of projects. The Cannon Activities Center (CAC) at the Brigham Young University (BYU) was by far the largest roof on the property. The interior of the building was a sport auditorium almost as large as a football field. The building was utilized and accessed daily for various, sports, training and other campus rally events. The rafters of this building were 240 feet in length. (typical lengths are 60-70 feet)

Due to the size of the project, creative approaches were implemented in the removal of the existing tiles and also the loading and staging of the new tile roof system.

The scope of work included the complete removal and replacement of a concrete tile roof system of approximately 730 squares on the Cannon Activities Center Building (CAC), demolition and removal of the existing concrete tiles, installation of new 1 1/2” Polyiso Rigid Insulation and the installation of a brand Boral Villa concrete tile system in Chestnut Brown. 64,250 lineal feet of 1” x 3” batons were installed and iso-board in order to meet the energy code.Installation required each tile to be clipped and nailed down.

The project was executed while school was in session on campus so safety and precautions to minimize any impact to campus activities were of utmost importance. For safety purposes the men had to pack out all debris out daily during the demolition phase.


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The biggest challenge and concern for this project was the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. This building was in use the entire time of the re-roofing project, with heavy pedestrian traffic. Because of the excellent professionalism and the safety awareness of the staff and employees of CRW, we had no incidents with any of our patrons. It has been a pleasure to work with CRW and we would highly recommend them to anyone for future roofing projects.

Billy Casey Jr.

Design & Construction Manager (retired), BYU Hawaii Facilities Management


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